Business Story Development, Distribution and Social Sharing

Which do you find easier to remember, information with data, or a story?

Stories are generally much easier for people to remember compared with information and data. Many high performing businesses utilise business stories for a wide variety of business applications, including presentations, sales pitches, training, leadership communications and more.

Hargreaves Business Stories

We can help you to develop business stories which you can use over and over again to communicate your key business messages to staff, customers, suppliers and other important stakeholders.


Stories for use in sales pitches

Successful sales people tend to use business stories frequently to back up sales claims. Customers may struggle to remember sales information and data, but they will very often be able to remember a story which resonates with them.
Businesspeople Meeting

Stories for use in presentations

Using a business story can be a great alternative to the traditional power-point slide deck featuring bullet points and data. If you want people to remember your key message, thing about telling a good relevant true story.

Stories for leadership

If you are looking to inspire your team, then business stories can be far more effective than simply providing data and information. Stories appeal to the emotions and are more memorable than data. If you are looking to drive change and influence culture, think about telling a story!

 Bruce McDuffee and Adrian Hargreaves talk about some applications for business stories