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Sales and marketing

Sales and marketing have changed dramatically over the last decade. Practices and activities which were well established, have often been challenged and driven by new developments in technology, replaced with new methods. A consultant can provide clarity and direction so you can move forward with more confidence.

Will technology enhance your business, or will it take your business?

These changes will continue as technologies advance further. The question at an individual level will increasing be, “will technology enhance your job or will it take your job?” For the business owner, the question is similar. “Are you using strategies and technologies that will keep you ahead of your competition, or are you letting your competition get away from you?”

People, processes & technology

These are questions central to my discussions with my clients, and lead to adoption of a range of new improved processes, technologies and through training and recruitment, more accomplished people also.

Post Brexit

The period around 2009 to 2016 was for many business owners a daunting time dealing with recession and change, but in 2017 this is the time to move forward and take advantage of the many new developments, and deal with the challenges post Brexit.

Are you experienced working with consultants?

If you are already experienced in using consultants in your business, you will probably already appreciate the value to your business which they can bring. Your question may well be, what can Hargreaves offer that your other consultant’s don’t?

Every consultant have their own specialist areas of knowledge, experience and expertise and of course, methods and styles of operation. A meeting or telephone conversation is a good start to establish common ground and areas of expertise which are not currently filled by either your existing internal team or external consultants.

Perhaps you’ve never worked with an external consultant?

If you have never used consultants then I would suggest a “no-ties” arrangement, which gives you the option of either carrying on or ending the relationship easily dependent on how things go. Every relationship is different. Some clients like regular meetings and to be heavily involved in the detail. Others prefer to leave everything to me. My job is to try to fit in with you, your business and your culture.


What is your biggest sales or marketing challenge that is causing you concern? Would you like to talk?

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