Performance Support for Small & Medium Sized Businesses

Why performance needs supporting

Most sales and marketing people go to work wanting to do a good job, and most companies set out with the goal of being successful. However for a great many reasons performance levels can either fall short of expectations, or due to changing circumstances, new higher expectations need to be set.

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure”

Businesses need managing and performance needs managing. A well used phrase is that “you can’t manage what you can’t measure”, but many companies have not yet managed to establish systems and processes which can successfully measure and evaluate sales and marketing activity. Performance management aims to provide the analysis, systems and processes to improved strategies which benefit everyone.

Performance support output

To me the output from performance management is to create a vibrant and exciting culture, supported with good people, processes and supporting technology. Working to create such an environment within small and medium sized businesses is the shared goal of both my clients and myself.

Business Transformation

It is achievable, it transforms businesses. I have been involved in performance management for a number of years now, and it is without doubt the most satisfying type of project, because it delivers the most positive impact for my clients in terms of both numbers and the response from the people involved.

Sustained performance support improvements

In terms of making it happen. There are short term actions that can create some quick wins. However, for sustained improved performance, this is medium to long term type activity. Once, as a business, you embrace performance support, it becomes part of the fabric which people buy into. It empowers people, and enables them to maximise their potential. It encourages people to stay, which for a small and medium sized business is very important. It delivers revenue and profit gains both by focusing on proven strategies and best practice as well as reducing and eliminating unprofitable and inappropriate activities.

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Looking to make things happen?

Is this a situation which you can relate to?

Let’s just say that you are concerned about the way things have been going now for some time. Everybody is busy and working hard, but the results are not what you expected. It’s becoming more difficult to keep morale high. There are some friction points starting to develop. You know that to carry on doing the same things you are probably going to get the same results, but you’re out of ideas.

Perhaps I can help?

This is a fairly typical scenario. It is the point that I normally get asked to be involved with the goal of providing a new perspective on the problems facing your business.

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