Project Details

  • Discuss your needs for marketing and how a person dedicated to the role may help achieve your business growth goals.
  • Recruitment advertising
  • Interviewing and task management
  • Liaison with candidates
  • Help with final selection
  • Ongoing marketing training and support

If you’ve been struggling on asking whoever is available at the time in your business to do some marketing duties, and failing to get any momentum going, then perhaps it’s now the time to maybe get someone in full time or part time to give marketing the attention that it requires? As a consultant with marketing department and specialist marketing recruitment experience, I can help…

Marketing within a small and medium sized business is a specialist role requiring people with certain attributes, knowledge, interests and skills. If you are serious about business growth then marketing is going to be important, and that means finding someone to take on this time consuming and varied workload. In my role as a consultant, I have recruited for marketing staff and assisted in developing workloads and priorities and advising and training on best practice. The difference between the previous situation with several people pitching in to do adhoc pieces of marketing work and now, with a dedicated marketing professional producing marketing plans and campaigns is amazing.