Recruitment services for sales, marketing, and administration roles

I added recruitment as a service when my a client had a vacancy and mentioned that he was dissatisfied with the quality of candidates he had got in the past from some recruitment agencies. Previously in my career, I had worked in recruitment advertising. I was involved in the sales strategy and training, I was very aware of the type of candidate we needed for the role, so I took on the responsibility of handling the recruitment.

That was over two years ago, and since then I have handled quite a number of different jobs for different clients, including sales, marketing, customer service, administrator, and engineering jobs.

My success with recruitment has been down to my approach and also it helps that I am usually already involved in the business in other ways. That means that I am familiar with the vision, culture, growth strategies, and challenges, which helps me to communicate to candidates what is on offer, and also assess if they are a good fit for the company and role. I even sometimes get involved in the onboarding process and both initial and on-going training.

This approach is very different from either using a general recruitment consultant or trying to handle the whole recruitment process in-house.

The recruitment services I offer include:

  • Role development – In the case of new roles, working out the need for a specific job with the MD and hiring manager.
  • Recruitment advertising – writing the approved copy, and placing it on relevant jobs boards.
  • Job descriptions – writing job descriptions
  • Interviewing candidates both online using web meeting technology and face to face.
  • Candidate tasks – developing suitable tasks which help to highlight candidate suitability and strengths for the advertised role.
  • Final interview selection – contributing to the final decision
  • On-boarding – helping the successful candidate through an effective introductory programme.
  • Initial and ongoing training – in the case of sales and marketing roles, I am able to provide training support.


These activities are ones which companies handling their own recruitment would take on, provided they had the resources. High-quality recruitment, however, is an intense time-consuming process which is difficult for many companies to do on their own.

For more information on how I may be able to help your business, please contact me.