Sales playbooks can help maximise your sales and marketing ROI

A sales playbook can be a vital tool in helping to maximise the returns from your sales and content marketing activities, as it ‘pulls together’ all of the knowledge, skills, sales information, and marketing collateral all in one place.

The design of the playbook can vary depending on the needs of your salespeople, but whatever the design the main aims are for it to be helpful, easy to access and use.

We offer three different types of sales playbook:

  1. Static – The content is fixed in a PDF type format
  2. Dynamic – The playbook is stored in The Cloud and can be accessed by PC, tablet or smartphone devices. The content can be changed by agreed administrators
  3. Collaborative – As dynamic, but the content changes continuously as people from marketing, sales, sales operations and management collaborate on producing and sharing information.

Your digital sales playbook will be a comprehensive ‘how-to’ guide which you and your sales team can access as required on your smartphone, tablet or PC. It will make it easier for your salespeople to sell, and for your customers to buy.


Produced in partnership with you and your sales team, your digital sales playbook is specific to your business and would be designed to include:

1. Everything your salespeople need to know in terms of market insights, sales opportunities, and administration.
2. ‘Plays’ which you and your sales team can follow to effectively plan, rehearse and roleplay specific situations relative to specific your market verticals, products, and services.

Your sales playbooks will transform the way you capture and share knowledge enabling you to maximise the expertise and experience of your team. You will also find it easier to train new salespeople and get them up-to-speed faster.

You will find that your sales process will glide smoothly towards natural win: win outcomes, resulting in improved customer and staff relationships, and retention.

Book a 15-minute (no-obligation) session with me where we can discuss how we can build your sales playbook to make it easier for your salespeople to sell and your customers to buy