We focus on message development

Message development involves reviewing your current company, and business function messages for sales, marketing, and recruitment. In addition it also includes helping you with your message planning for individual presentations and key events.


Writing, Video, Audio, Coaching & Training

We help you to get your message across


Why we do what we do

We feel that message development is a neglected area. Most companies I speak to struggle with some aspects of either their internal or external messaging. Many marketing media companies are very good at ‘selling space’. Advertising space, social media campaigns, exhibition space… and more. Their task is to sell you the space and that is their job done.  From my experience of many years in advertising is that there is often very little support to help you develop your message. The reason for this is that they expect you to have your message ready. It is usually not their job to spend the time required to ask the questions, have some thinking time, and create interesting, and creative copy. The problem is of course many companies content is very often not up to date, or as well thought through as it could be. One thing for sure is that if your message is wrong, your marketing spend will be ineffective.


Our services are a solution to this problem

We can review your current internal and external messages which you use across your business and help you to develop new messages which will resonate with your prospects, customers, employees, suppliers, and other stakeholders. We are a specialist message consultancy, not a full creative agency, nor are we a social media company. However, we do offer a limited range of services to help you to share your message. Alternative, once we have created your message we can introduce you to other specialist suppliers and agencies who can help you to move your projects forward.


Established in 2012

This business has been over 30 years in the making

As a consultant I draw on my experience working with leading companies in sales, marketing, and recruitment, as well of course as my experience as Managing Director since founding my own company

We worked on a wide variety of projects including marketing, sales, recruitment, change management, culture development, and performance management, before focusing on ‘message’ development.