Ad-hoc to planned – Lead Generation Webinar

Frustrated with your marketing?

Want more sales leads?

Like to see more of a planned process?

In busy companies, the emphasis is on getting things done, which is great of course, but for better marketing results it’s often better to be more planned than reactive.

Devoting time to planning is easier said than done and so this webinar looks at:

Some of the common mistakes leading to lack of marketing and lead generation planning.

Suggestions of how to improve the situation by going from ad-hoc marketing activity to more planned campaigns.

Defining lead generation

How to target the right type of leads

A step by step guide on how to develop a ‘lead magnet’ from start to finish, using a real example.

The webinar is going out live today 31st January at 10 am MST, that is 5 pm in the UK.

A recording will be made available for on-demand access.

Here’s the link to the webinar!

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