Clear Messaging Through On-Demand Mini-Webinars

The sales enablement mini-webinar series

One of the highlights for me this year has been producing the Sales Enablement Mini-Webinar Series. So far we have published nine episodes, covering a wide variety of topics and featuring experts in their fields. I thought now would be a good time to provide some context to the project.


What is the sales enablement?

Sales enablement is anything an organisation can do to sell more. The emphasis here is on the word ‘organisation’, as opposed to ‘the sales department’, or ‘the marketing department’. The aim instead is to produce an eco-system where revenue is the driver, and the whole company is organised around the objective of generating sales. In fairness there are lots of definitions for sales enablement, and as a concept in the UK it is less known than for example in the US.


What are the objectives of the webinar series?

The aim is to provide unique, quality, and educational content on topics which fall under the umbrella term of ‘sales enablement’


What is the format?

We use a ‘mini-webinar’ format which produces on-demand webinars as videos which can be accessed anytime on YouTube and when they are promoted on LinkedIn and Twitter. A mini-webinar is a shorter version than the traditional live 60 minute version. My thinking having been involved in those was that for many people (both viewers and organisers and guests) they can be too long for what people have time for, and if the content is deep, very often the message is lost. Our mini-webinars are all under 10 minutes. Gone is all the fluff and long winded content. Instead we have tight packed content and each webinar has a clear message and three takeaways to enable the viewer to take some action.


Expert guest speakers

Every episode so far has featured an expert speaker. What makes them an ‘expert’ is their knowledge of their subject, time in the industry, and their authority. Six of the nine speakers so far have published books on their chosen area of business expertise. Our guest speakers have been:

  • Scott Keyser
  • Shane Close
  • Jerry Rackley
  • Adele Revella
  • Rod Sloane
  • Andy Quintana
  • Laura Patterson
  • Lyle Smith
  • Cory Bray


What topics have we covered?

The key sales enablement topic of ‘sales and marketing alignment’ has been covered more than once, but interestingly from different perspectives. Here is a list of all the topics so far:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Marketing alignment
  • Buyer personas
  • LinkedIn
  • Bids and proposals
  • UX design
  • Business storytelling
  • Sales enablement and playbooks


New guest speakers wanted

If you are an expert in any aspect of sales enablement, have a clear message and a desire to share some of your knowledge through our mini-webinars, please contact me, I would be delighted to hear from you.


Click here to watch the series now on YouTube


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