“The reason for many costly and frustrating internal and external problems can be misalignment”

Adrian J Hargreaves

The Problem


  • Customer experience below par
  • Frequent internal disputes
  • Sales revenues down
  • Sales performance metrics causing concern
  • Poor return on marketing investment


  • Misalignment

The Solution

  • Establish the extent of the misalignment between the business, sales and marketing
  • Focus on making the necessary improvements

What we do

Our business, sales and marketing alignment programmes help your sales and marketing teams to focus together on what will improve customer experience, internal processes, working relationships, sales revenue and the bottom line!

Our support:

  • Assess the alignment between your sales and marketing functions and the business in general
  • Establish the extent of the misalignment
  • Develop a programme focused on improving¬†sales & marketing alignment
  • Launch & manage the programme
  • Evaluate progress
  • Fine tune
  • Reassess the alignment
  • Report

Looking for a different result?

It may require some changes...

Improving business, sales and marketing alignment can have major benefits.

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