We partner with leading businesses within the sales enablement industry and local companies offering complementary business services which we believe can add value to our customers.

Accent Technologies

“Accent provides an advanced Sales Enablement Platform that helps align the sales and marketing teams and provides the visibility necessary for both teams to focus on revenue.  For example, we leverage analytics to help place the right content, in the right hands, at the right time.” Andy Quintana. Senior Vice President. Accent Technologies.

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Hargreaves Marketing Ltd is the official partner for Accent Technologies in the United Kingdom.

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Ashpark Webdesign

Ashpark Webdesign is run by David Parkes who I have known since 2010 when we were both employed in the publishing industry.

Since 2013, we have helped each other to up-skill and develop each of our businesses into new exciting areas. We have collaborated on many website design projects. Dave has an aptitude for the technical aspects, whilst I focus more on the marketing.

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