Project Details

  • How we work with you to enable your salespeople to sell
  • Assessment of your support for your salespeople
  • Recommendations for new systems, training, and development
  • Project management to deliver the agreed support including the development of digital sales playbooks.

Have you ever wondered how much more productive your salespeople could be through better planning and preparation? Or how you and the business could support them more effectively?

Through my many years of sales, marketing, and consultancy experience I am a great believer in two things:

Firstly, the importance of developing peoples knowledge, skills and competencies to help them enjoy and maximise their sales roles.

Secondly, that both the company and the individual need to take joint responsibility for any development initiative to be effective. The company needs to provide suitable support, and participating individuals need to apply it in their day to day roles.

Hargreaves Marketing Ltd is a consultancy and services company specializing in making it easier for salespeople to sell, and for customers to buy. Our digital sales playbooks provide the knowledge hub to which salespeople can refer, to support them in their challenging sales roles.

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