Helping you to deliver profitable value

Hargreaves Marketing Ltd -is a strategic marketing, sales and recruitment consultancy and digital services company.

Our focus is on developing and promoting value propositions for companies selling new, complex and expensive products in business to business (B2B) markets over an extended sales cycle.


Guidance, coaching, training & facilitating

UK wide one-to-one consultancy using web meeting technology to help you develop, communicate and execute your business, sales, marketing and recruitment strategies.

Value Propositions

Help people to understand why they should buy from you

Value proposition development, document management, training and communication using innovative digital marketing.

Strategic Digital Marketing Services

Marketing designed to work with your strategy

Hargreaves Marketing Ltd provides a range of Strategic Digital Marketing Services to support your business, marketing, sales and recruitment strategies, functions and activities and deliver stakeholder value.


Strategic Recruitment

Hargreaves Marketing Ltd provides recruitment services for clients. We focus on roles which are critical to the success of the strategy – hence the term ‘strategic recruitment.’