The day after the webinar

Reflections, thoughts and plans for what’s next

After the hard work to get ready for the webinar yesterday as a guest speaker and the debrief and survey results afterwards, there’s always a different feeling the day after an event like that. Sort of “that was fun, glad it went well, now I need to get back on with other things.” Then a short time later the next thought is, “when’s the next one?”


Webinars are Events

There’s that slow build up to collaborate and prepare over some weeks to plan the content. And then on the day, there is that special buzz that only comes from being part of an event that you know people have given up their time for, and you hope so much that they will be happy that they did.

I’ve got to be grateful for working with the experienced webinar producers Bruce McDuffee and Gregory McDuffee for their very professional preparation and guidance. Normally I am a guest waiting for a webinar to start, this time I was behind the scenes myself, being part of the final checks and preparations. There’s more to it than what you might think.


Part of the B2B Communication Mix

As far as webinars go, in the past I’ve sold webinar packages worth thousands of pounds of revenue for a media company, I’ve attended countless webinars for my professional development, and I’ve now been a guest speaker on a webinar. The next stage will be to produce my own webinars. I am looking at the various webinar suppliers and making a decision soon. I will add webinars to my current services of podcasts and video. My clients need sales and marketing content for buyers which have the right type of information delivered at the right time, that is when they are deciding to buy. Videos, podcasts and webinars can all be very effective sales and marketing communication tools.


Coming Soon!

I will be offering special deals on webinar packages as I get started. Alternatively I’m very happy to refer business to Bruce if you are looking for an experienced webinar producer. Please contact me for details.




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