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Hargreaves Marketing Ltd provides a range of sales education services to help learning, development, knowledge management and sharing, including consultancy, workshops, and training for sales and marketing planning, strategy, key account management and technology adoption.

The Importance of Training & Development

Without exception, all of the most successful companies I have either worked for or provided consultancy for have made training and development a very high priority. The reasons for this have always been clear. Training develops people. It enables core competencies and core values to be shared. It empowers and motivates people. It encourages collaborative activities. It improves individual, collective and company performance.

Not just for “big companies”

However, training and development programmes are often seen as “just for big companies”. I once heard one manager of a mid size company say, “we take people on who are already trained, so we don’t have to do anything”. That particular company was a follower rather than a leader in its market. It also had a high turnover of staff, and it was losing sales rapidly.

The power of continual professional development (CPD)

Training and development is not just for big companies. Nor is it only for young people with little experience. Training and development is for everyone. Personally I love the phrase “continual professional development” (CPD). In an age where jobs, roles, and technology is changing it is necessary for both individuals and companies to take responsibility for gaining new skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviours.

Nothing lasts for ever

Companies and individuals who expect things to stay as they are and not invest the time and effort in training and development, jeopardise their futures.

Hargreaves Support

I offer a range of sales, marketing and presentation training. This can be done on a one to one, or group basis, in a training room environment, or by virtual online meeting, or in the case of field sales representatives on the road. All training is bespoke with your business and specific individuals in mind.

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How to identify training needs

You have no training in place
Training is not part of a wider strategy
Your sales people have no common structure
Sales performance is under expectations
Attitudes and behaviours could be more professional
The customer experience is poor
Customer complaints are high
Your people doing presentations have not been trained to produce and present them
They hate doing presentations and some suffer from severe anxiety
Your presentations don't impact well with your audience
You have people doing marketing as part of a wider role
They have not come from a marketing background
They have not got a senior marketing person to ask advice from
They are limited in what they can do
They are frustrated because they know there should be more to the job, but are unable to move forward.

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Training Solutions

Sales training
Marketing training
Presentation training
Alternative formats:
Training room
Virtual online training at a distance
Field visits on the road with reps
All training bespoke with individuals in mind

Looking for training produced specifically for your business needs?

All training produced for individual client requirements

If you are looking for growth, then it is highly likely than training and development is going to play a major role in helping to achieve your goals.

If you really want long term sustained improvements and higher staff retention of your good people, then training and development has to be part of a wider business strategy.

I am experienced in producing and delivering bespoke training programmes for sales, marketing and presentations. I use the word "bespoke", because they are designed for individuals and teams in your business. They are not "off the shelf" training programmes that are standard and used in every company. Instead, the programmes are directly related to specific sales, marketing and presentation strategies which have been created for your business.

For more information on how my training and development can be designed specifically for your company, please contact me.