Webinar viewing time reduced from 1 hour to just 5 minutes

Hargreaves Marketing have launched a mini webinar service which slashes the time required by attendees to just 5 minutes. Managing Director Adrian Hargreaves said, “Traditional webinars take a lot of time to both produce and attend. We feel that whilst webinars are an excellent way of communicating key messages, many business people are ‘time short’ and this prevents them attending many of the live and on-demand webinars they might like to. We believe that there is a market for shorter webinars lasting just 5 minutes. We feel that this is sufficient time to communicate some really valuable content for the viewer, and provide the webinar host with the opportunity for branding and a call to action. The trials we have done have gone very well. We see mini-webinars as an excellent opportunity for companies of all sizes to produce and distribute bite size content quickly.

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