Project Details

  • Create a current status marketing budget
  • Establish contact with all marketing suppliers
  • Review all major spending
  • Analyse return on investment
  • Renegotiate agreements if necessary
  • End unsuccessful arrangements
  • Provide a better opportunity for more successful partnerships

Starting with the end in mind, modern marketing functions need to be seen as revenue and profit generators, rather than cost centers. Getting a handle on cost control is therefore really vital. Many companies do not have a written marketing budget. With or without a budget, it is very easy for sales and marketing costs to get out of control. In order to move forward, costs need bringing into line before new expenditure can be planned and executed. As a consultant my work is to:

This is one of the most important projects with a new client. It is often necessary to question and challenge expenditure and decisions both internally and with external suppliers. Problems with systems and processes are often exposed. It should however be remembered that the aim is to simply put the business on a solid footing by avoiding unnecessary expenditure. Usually after this period a clearer picture emerges, enabling a new direction, with new improved ideas for investment. Relationships with suppliers are often improved as they are able to get a clearer brief and more support to help them in their work.