Value must be appreciated and strategy must be understood

  • If value is not appreciated, you risk losing customers, sales revenue and profits

  • If strategy is not understood you risk loosing focus, momentum and the will of your people to move forward as one

Communicate your value and strategy well, when it matters most…

Never miss an opportunity to get your message across

Whether you need to prepare for a major stakeholder event, important client or media interview, or for a series of formal meetings and informal conversations with management teams and staff, I can help you to:

  1. Research, plan and prepare well

  2. Develop value and strategy messages which have real depth and substance

  3. Deliver your value and strategy messages with confidence and conviction

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Adrian Hargreaves

Founder and Managing Director

Hargreaves Marketing Ltd

Communicate value and strategy well | Develop messages which have real depth and substance | Deliver your messages to your stakeholders with confidence and conviction