Selling into business markets?

Success in selling into business-to-business (B2B) markets depends on enabling your salespeople to sell and your customers to buy

Adrian J Hargreaves

Enabling is all about three critical factors…

  1. Creating the right internal environment

  2. Adopting a proven system with your buyer front and centre

  3. Supporting the process

Create the right internal environment

“The difference in results achieved by companies selling similar products and services can often be down to environment which each company has created for itself. This can differ greatly.

How much do your people collaborate together to focus on what your customers needs are?”

Adrian J Hargreaves

Adopt a winning proven system

“The way that buyers buy has changed enormously over the last decade. Add to that many other changes and also the impact of the pandemic and many companies are having a rethink about how they respond to these major and in some cases existential challenges. Adopting a proven, winning system is essential.”

Adrian J Hargreaves

Supporting the process

“A first-class internal environment, and a winning process do not just happen on their own. They need to be continually developed, refined and fully supported.”

Adrian J Hargreaves

Consider this proven 8 step process…

1. Change

  1. What has changed in your buyer’s world?

  2. What has changed in your world?

2. Impact

  1. What impact have these changes had on your buyers?

  2. How has this in turn affected your business?

3. Capabilities

  1. How can you match your capabilities with what your customers need?

  2. How can you maximise your capabilities?

4. Competition

  1. What competitive challenges do you face?

  2. How can you play to your strengths?

5. Cycle

  1. What challenges do you face through your sales cycle?

  2. How can you see these challenges in a different way?

5. Negotiate

  1. What challenges do you face during the negotiation phase?

  2. How can you turn these problems into opportunities?

7. Value

  1. How do you communicate the value you offer to buyers?

  2. Do both your prospective and existing customers fully understand and appreciate this value?

8. Nurture

  1. How do you turn buyers into lifelong customers?

  2. How can your customers become advocates for your business?


Your current strategy

  1. Do you have clarity on how you are going to face these challenges?

  2. How are you going to support your  strategy?

Your accessible resources

  1. What internal resources do you have (people/expertise/time) to enable your strategy?

  2. Where are the gaps between what you can do internally and help you need from external suppliers?

Can I help?

Hargreaves Marketing Ltd is essentially a one-person company (Adrian Hargreaves) focusing on working with business owners running small-medium-sized companies (SME’s) with sales and marketing teams selling into business-to-business (B2B) markets.

Through consultancy, coaching, facilitation, training and a selection of strategic ‘action’ services, I help enable your salespeople to sell and your customers to buy.

Free initial consultation

I founded Hargreaves Marketing Ltd after a 30 plus year career in marketing, sales and recruitment. Since 2012 I have worked with clients in various industries who are selling into many different business markets. As a lifelong learner I am continually both challenged and fascinated by sales, marketing and strategy in general. I enjoy sharing and discussing this new information with my valued clients who are usually business owners. Together we collaborate on projects to protect, develop and in some cases potentially transform your business.

I provide a fully confidential service.  In addition to consultancy, I provide a number of one-to-one coaching, training, facilitation and strategic action services. In all cases, our discussions as well as those with your management team and staff stay private.

Thank you for engaging with my website. I would love to speak with you in person!

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Adrian Hargreaves

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