… increasing your revenues and profits by focusing on your marketing processes and strategies.

Save money, reach your goals faster, develop your people…

Frustrated that you’ve tried everything and are still not getting the results?

  • Your sales and marketing people are stressed out
  • Marketing and sales costs are rising
  • Results are below expectations

We can help you to build…

…a stronger and more sustainable marketing & sales function

Hargreaves Marketing is for business owners of small-medium-sized businesses who need to put structure and process in place for sales and marketing to be more organised, strategic and profitable.

Compare your processes directly against those used by the world’s best companies…

…learn where your sales and marketing can improve

With access to the finest tools, templates and best practice guides, along with our coaching services and experience of working with small and medium-sized businesses, we work with management and staff to increase revenues and profits by improving sales and marketing processes.

Compare your approach to marketing and sales strategy with those used by other organisations…

…learn how to apply strategy well in every aspect of your sales and marketing

Our coaching can help you to reach your goals faster by prioritising the projects which align most with your business objectives so you can choose where and how to apply your resources.


…Save money, reach your goals faster, develop your people

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Save money, reach your goals faster, develop your people…