Practical Support

For Sales & Marketing People

Hargreaves Marketing Ltd is a consultancy and services company providing practical support for sales and marketing people throughout the UK

Practical Support

  • One-to-one coaching & group training
  • Roleplay sessions to prepare for important meetings and presentations
  • Help in producing research, analysis, planning, and presentations
  • Project management for key initiatives
  • Continual Professional Development (CPD) programmes
  • Sales & Marketing Recruitment


  • Save hours of time
  • Develop a disciplined approach
  • Achieve high performance consistently
  • Learn how to use complex multi-stage/step methodologies
  • Cascade your new knowledge and skills to your colleagues
  • Engage people, get traction, and move your strategy forward
  • Communicate what you are doing to get and maintain support
  • Attract career-focused high-quality candidates
  • Realise your own potential and fast track your career¬†

Who is this for?

  • Marketing professionals – all levels
  • Sales professionals – all levels