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“We are in the business of helping leaders of small-medium-sized businesses to understand and deliver good strategy”

Adrian J. Hargreaves

Hargreaves Marketing Ltd was formed in 2012 by myself Adrian Hargreaves out of a desire to help small-medium-sized businesses deal with the massive changes of the time, including recovering from the 2008 recession and the need to adopt digital processes across their businesses.

With a thirty plus year career, professional CIM marketing qualifications and a broad commercial experience in marketing, sales, recruitment and technology I was able to add value to my clients in more ways than I had previously imagined. What started off as niche marketing tasks quickly became much larger and more expansive integrated projects.

Working directly with business owners,  I increasingly found that the area where help was needed most and also where I could most add value, was in strategic management, where many different functional (sales, marketing, recruitment), company and business unit plans and activities needed to be pulled together and driven forward.

A period of evolution followed, where there was an emphasis on developing new service lines and capabilities so that we can now offer real depth and quality in our range of strategic management services.

Strategy is a big area and can be daunting to the point of being overwhelming. For this reason many small-medium-sized businesses either choose to avoid strategy altogether, or adopt very basic frameworks which at best provide very little real value and at worst may lead to dangerous complacency and inaction.

A recipe for chaos is when no strategy exists and so there is no clear direction, or when people are confused or even (intentionally or unintentionally) working against the strategy.

Few small-medium-sized businesses can afford to employ one or more people exclusively on strategic management. There is however an alternative, and that is to outsource your strategy work to a specialist company.

Our aim to is provide the best integrated, customised and confidential strategic management services on the market for small-medium-sized businesses. All client project work is conducted by myself, so with the exception of support functions such as accounts, I am your contact. I work with my clients and their management teams on a one-to-one basis. Most, if not all of our meetings would be using web meeting technology. This was the case even pre-covid. Maximising modern technology including web meetings, as well as screen and file sharing is a very efficient way to work for everyone and enables many different people to be quickly and actively engaged in the strategy process regardless of location. In short it makes projects faster, less expensive and far more effective.

Thank you for your interest. Please do reach out for a conversation when you have the need for our services, or simply would like to explore the possibility. Please click here to reach our contact page to leave a message or to contact me by phone.

Kind regards,

Adrian Hargreaves

Founder & Managing Director

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