Based in Blackburn, Lancashire, North West England | Covering the UK

Hargreaves Marketing Ltd is based in Blackburn, Lancashire and offers to serve businesses across the UK with a range of products and services to help leaders to prepare well for business presentations. Our specialist area is defined by the phrase, “articulate strategy well” which means to have the ability to explain strategy, marketing and sales operations well, verbally, visually and in writing.



The business has evolved continually since it was founded in 2012 by owner Adrian Hargreaves.

Speaking in May 2024 Adrian commented,

“The first few years gave me the opportunity to work in depth with a variety of clients in the small and medium-sized business sector, some of them for several years. That, on top of my previous extensive experience working with hundreds of SME businesses gave me an even better understanding of the market. Those observations have been very valuable in helping to shape our current strategy.



Improving internal  communication is a key objective for leaders of companies that are looking to grow so it makes sense for us to specialise in this area. Our Articulate range of integrated communications products and services provides business leaders with specialist services to help them to articulate strategy, marketing and sales operations well. That’s important because if they can articulate these things clearly and concisely, it shows that their plans have been thought through and that they have the communication skills to bring their people with them.”



Before launching Hargreaves Marketing Ltd , Adrian worked for over 30 years in a variety of sales and marketing roles for well-known companies and organisations including BT, Thwaites, Marston’s, Thomson Local and Haymarket Media Group.