Managed Strategy & Communication Alignment Programmes

Joined-up thinking for business, sales, and marketing strategies

Business growth requires effective, aligned, and agreed strategies. Unfortunately many projects fail because the strategies are not thought through, not aligned with each other, and not fully supported and committed to by senior management and staff.

There are processes for aligning business, sales, and marketing strategies, and when genuine alignment is achieved the opportunity for successful outcomes is dramatically increased.

Business Strategy Alignment

If despite many meetings, conversations, and the best efforts of everyone involved, you are struggling to get projects off the ground and make the changes you need to grow, then it may be time for a change in thinking.

Our managed strategy alignment programmes go back to basics starting with your mission and vision, thorough to strategy development and implementation at company, business unit, and individual levels.

Sales  and Marketing Strategy Alignment

Sales and marketing can often appear isolated from, or even at odds with each other and when this is the case, sales, the customer experience, and internal relationships can all suffer.

Our managed sales and marketing strategy alignment programmes follow your sales cycle from the initial stages of gaining contacts right through to gaining the support of existing customers to hep you get more business.

Communication Strategy Alignment

Developing a consistent message and communicating it to multiple stakeholders including prospects, customers, employees, job seekers, suppliers, and the public is challenging.

Our communication programmes are developed in conjunction with your aligned strategy programmes to enable considered and consistent messaging.

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