Marketing Tools

Increase the efficiency and productivity of your marketing function and develop the knowledge and skills of your people

Providing professional grade Marketing Tools is the second of three main services offered by Hargreaves Marketing Ltd, the other two being consulting and coaching. The process starts of by defining the problem and identifying the key issues and way forward, stage 1 – consulting. This leads naturally onto stage 2 – the selection of the right tools to required to do the work. The final stage is coaching support

I define ‘tools’ as anything that is required to get the work done. Tools therefore include: frameworks, models, methodologies, guides, playbooks, templates and even software. Basically certain tools help get certain types of specific work done using proven methods and techniques. Approaching work this way is basically the opposite of the ‘make it up as you go along’ approach which is typical in many organisations large and small. While our approach requires more discipline, it is the way of many successful organisations. If you want consistent results over time and to survive the general ups and downs including people changes, you need good solid proven processes.

Professional grade tools and templates can be adapted to your specific needs and can:

  • Save you time and money
  • Boost your output from your marketing function
  • Develop your people
  • Create a more professional environment.

See also consulting and coaching