As a new client you would first have worked with me to define the problems and identify the work that needed to be done. You would have seen me in my ‘consultant’ role. That would have led the second stage which would have been me providing professional grade marketing tools to get complex marketing work done better, easier and faster. That would then naturally have moved on to a coaching stage where I helped you and your team to use the information and tools.

Coaching can be both one-to-one and one-to-many. Coaching helps move things forward, without it, strategy doesn’t always get executed and operations can become clunky.

Coaching is a vital part in helping to develop important capabilities through advanced skills and knowledge.

An important difference to point out perhaps is that coaching is not the same as performance management. The latter is often more concerned with addressing performance shortfalls at an individual level. Very often people selected for ‘development programmes’ do not want to be on them and if they do not respond positively, performance management can be a poor investment. In contrast, coaching is provided to people who are hungry both to learn and apply their new capabilities at work and for this reason, continual professional development programmes can be very sound investments.

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