The day after the webinar

Reflections, thoughts and plans for what’s next After the hard work to get ready for the webinar yesterday as a guest speaker and the debrief and survey results afterwards, there’s always a different feeling the day after an event like that. Sort of “that was fun, glad it went well, now I need to get […]

How ‘lean just-in-time content’ can oil rusty sales pipelines

  Just-in-time is the well-known methodology aimed at reducing flow times in manufacturing in industries such as vehicle production. In simple terms, thanks to streamlined processes and flexible systems, the parts arrived, ‘just-in-time,’ saving costs. In the 1990’s ‘just-in-time’ fell out of favor to ‘lean manufacturing,’ described on Wikipedia as ‘a systematic method for waste […]

How losing vital ‘knowledge’ could kill your business

If you run a business of any size and you lose the key person who was the only one in your organization that held detailed knowledge and skills that was vitally important to you, then you may have huge problems ahead. That might sound dramatic, but the reality is that every year, thousands of highly […]