24th March 2022

Sales success – the theory and the practice

Every sales book author, sales course provider, and trainer offers a potential solution to the problems that salespeople, sales managers and sales directors face every day. […]
22nd March 2022

Alternative approaches to go-to-market strategy – turning theory into practice

At its simplest, Go-to-Market Strategy is a breeze where a lightweight or ‘lean’ approach may be all that is required. At its most advanced, a far […]
22nd March 2022

About competition -turning theory into practice

So you have been on the business course that talked about the theory of business strategy. Perhaps you’ve also taken the time to dive into some […]
21st March 2022

Is there a declining level of interest in your business model canvas?

How To Refresh and Promote Your Business Model So you have been sold the concept of developing your business model, attended the workshop, given pride of […]
21st March 2022

Value Propositions – the theory and the practice

The Easy Way To Keep Your Value Proposition Front-of-Centre A value proposition promises the value you deliver to specific customer groups. However, as markets change, so […]
30th January 2021

The sustainable way to build an in-house marketing function

The sustainable way to build an in-house marketing function   Defining in-house marketing If you are doing any marketing within your business, whether that is yourself […]
11th January 2021

Should we ever try to measure potential?

A quote attributed to Aristotle is “Give me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man.” Now with the development of […]
8th January 2021

Accelerate your in-house marketing capabilities

Accelerate your in-house marketing capabilities Marketing can be your growth driver. Good marketing drives growth, so it is essential to make the most of your in-house […]
2nd November 2020

It’s all about your value being appreciated

Value must be ‘appreciated’ Buyers need to appreciate the value and be prepared to pay for it The keyword here is “value.” Very often in business, […]