13th December 2022

Hargreaves Marketing is the new home of yourstrategycoach.co.uk

Hargreaves Marketing is the new home for Your Strategy Coach.co.uk Visitors to yourstrategycoach.co.uk are now being redirected to another site also owned by Hargreaves Marketing Ltd. […]
4th December 2022

Even subject experts have to practice communication skills

Probably the world’s leading authority on buyer personas in recent years is the recently retired Adele Revella. I had the pleasure several years ago of interviewing […]
23rd May 2022

Marketing Plan Presentations

Marketing plan presentations need to be a continual work in progress If you expect to be asked to one day present your marketing plan to colleagues, […]
19th May 2022

Turbocharge your sales presentation follow-ups…

Turbocharge your sales presentation follow-ups with an innovative response to the question, “can you send me a copy of your presentation slides please?” Following up on […]
24th March 2022

Sales success – the theory and the practice

Why it is important to understand the real reason behind sluggish sales If your business needs to increase sales, you can only get so far by […]
22nd March 2022

Alternative approaches to go-to-market strategy – turning theory into practice

Which way to go, with go to market strategy… At its simplest, Go-to-Market Strategy is a breeze where a lightweight or ‘lean’ approach may be all […]
22nd March 2022

About competition -turning theory into practice

Making your business more competitive by being less random and more systematic So you have been on the business course that talked about the theory of […]
21st March 2022

Is there a declining level of interest in your business model canvas?

How To Refresh and Promote Your Business Model So you have been sold the concept of developing your business model, attended the workshop, and given pride […]
21st March 2022

Value Propositions – the theory and the practice

The easy way to keep your value proposition front-and-centre A value proposition promises the value you deliver to specific customer groups. However, as markets change, so […]