18th September 2019

Competitor Versus Competitive Analysis

The ‘competition’ is something that every business needs to take into account. However, as a topic, it is a vast area, and the reason for this […]
17th September 2019

Talk strategy. Yes now. Try it…

When I first mention to people about talking about strategy, I sense that they are thinking, ‘so what?’ If that is what is going through your […]
14th September 2019

Communicate strategy with integrity, not spin

In a time of turbulent political change, the adage, ‘treat others as we would wish to be treated’ comes to mind.  We probably all sometimes stare […]
13th September 2019

Document Your Strategies

Many companies spend a lot of time talking about strategy, but then nothing gets done because there is no system or expectation in place. An action-based […]
13th September 2019

‘I stopped using consultants. Nothing got done.’

Whatever product or service we are offering, delivering value is vital. With consultancy, the intent is always to provide value, and in our minds as consultants, […]
12th September 2019

True confidence isn’t an act

Some people who look and project themselves as ultra-confident are very often not quite as they seem. It is true that in the business environment, we […]
12th September 2019

Presenting Strategy

Presenting strategy involves two key elements: ‘presenting’ and ‘strategy.’ That may sound like a statement of the obvious, but the reality is that many people neither […]
9th September 2019

What business are we in?

One of the exciting conversations which businesses have is asking the question, ‘what business are we in?’ For many companies, the answer may seem obvious, and […]