Strategic Presentations

Hargreaves Marketing is a strategic capabilities company helping you and your people to be more strategic across your business functions and activities. One way we achieve this is by producing strategic reports and presentations for key activities that utilise business, sales and marketing resources. Please see the list below and click on each link to go directly to that page.

Strategic Review Presentations

Empower your people to do great presentations through functional and CPD development


Having the ability to present ideas, plans, strategies and results well can provide both clarity and create the platform to propel a company forward. However, many companies lack the required capabilities on various levels and performance suffers as a result. Hargreaves Marketing’s combined consultancy and specialist services are designed to develop the capabilities you need functional level so your people can thrive.


There can be huge variations in the capabilities of individual sales and marketing people to present well. Many people in sales and marketing roles have never received even basic professional training and support and even fewer have been trained in the advanced presentation techniques required for presenting at major accounts and boardroom levels. Hargreaves Marketing Presentation CPD Services are designed so your leadership team and your sales and marketing professionals can learn the skills and use them over and over again.