Articulate Sales Strategy Well

Are you ready to articulate your sales strategy well at business meetings?

People really want to know two things:

  1. How you performed in the past
  2. How you are going to achieve your sales targets

Sales meetings with bosses and colleagues are a regular feature in the role of most salespeople, and it is important that we leave the right impression at such meetings. However, often very little training or guidance is provided regarding what to do.

Many sales meetings result in salespeople, often tired from travelling or frustrated that they are being pulled away from ‘real work’ being barely engaged with the meeting and simply waiting for their turn to speak.

Unproductive sales meetings are a waste of everyone’s time. Sales time is valuable. Salespeople never get that time back. It is the duty of every sales director, sales manager and salesperson to ensure that sales meetings are productive.

One way of achieving that is to ensure that every person in the room has the capability and desire to articulate sales strategy well. For salespeople that means having the ability to clearly explain on a one-to-one and a one-to-many basis how they have performed and how they are working to achieve their sales targets.

Who needs to articulate sales strategy well and to whom?

  • Sales Directors to:
    • Sales managers
    • Everyone in sales
    • The senior leadership
  • Sales Managers to:
    • Sales directors
    • Fellow sales managers
    • Salespeople 
  • Salespeople to:
    • Sales managers
    • Sales colleagues
    • Sales directors

What needs to be communicated and how?

Hargreaves Marketing provide a wide range of specialist services to help you to:

  1. Identify key information that will add value to those people attending the meeting or viewing reports of it
  2. Communicate useful and insightful information confidently at sales meetings verbally, in writing and visually

Articulate your sales strategy well


Verbally articulate your sales strategy in meetings, presentations and other types of formal and informal conversations.

Articulate your sales strategy well


Visually articulate your sales strategy using relevant and specific images, charts and illustrations that bring meaning and understanding to your presentations.

Articulate your sales strategy well

in writing

Articulate your sales strategy through writing a single or multi-page document for discussion.

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