Marketing analysis enables better decision making

To make informed decisions you need to see evidence which has come from in-depth analysis that you can include in yourconversations with key stakeholders.

Analysis Tools and Templates

We work with the best suppliers of strategic and operational tools and templates to help save you time by using proven methods.

Our range includes:

  1. Break-Even Analysis

  2. Budget Analysis

  3. Case Analysis

  4. Competitive Analysis

  5. Competitor Analysis

  6. Competitive PR & Advertising Analysis

  7. Competitive Website Analysis

  8. Competitive Content Analysis

  9. Customer Segment Analysis

  10. Decision-Maker Analysis

  11. GAP Analysis

  12. Key Account Analysis

  13. Macro-Economic Forces Analysis

  14. Market Analysis

  15. Marketing Funnel Analysis

  16. Pricing Analysis

  17. Product Feature Competitive Analysis

  18. Product Lifecycle Analysis

  19. Trend Analysis

  20. Value Proposition Analysis

  21. Website GAP Analysis

  22. Win Loss Analysis

Build Marketing Analysis Capabilities at a Functional Level

Hargreaves Marketing offers a wide range of support to help you to build marketing analysis capabilities within your sales and marketing function. This includes consultancy, coaching and a large number of professional marketing analysis tools and templates that will both provide a proven stages and steps framework and save you time.

Develop Marketing Analysis Skills at a People Level

Marketing analysis requires knowledge of both the concepts and how to use the support materials. Hargreaves Marketing coaching can help in both respects.