Agency Management

Hargreaves Marketing Agency Management Strategy Presentations 2023

Agency Management Presentations

Have you been asked to present your agency management strategy? If so, we can help. We can produce agency management presentations and can also offer you consultancy and coaching services to help you to articulate your message well..

Document and Assess your Agency Management Strategy

Agency Management uses a methodical approach to plan, organise, manage and evaluate your dealings with advertising and other marketing agencies. Successful agency management programmes can benefit both you and your agencies.Hargreaves Marketing can help you to document your current agency management strategy so that you can maximise both your relationships and return on investment.

Build Your In-house Agency Management Capabilities

Hargreaves Marketing can provide a range of added-value resources to help build agency management capabilities at a functional level. We can guide you to assess, plan and maximise your Agency Management programme. Our support includes consultancy and coaching on the use of professional-grade agency management tools and templates.

Develop The Skills People Require For Agency Management

Sales and marketing people often find themselves working with one or more marketing agencies and it is important that the people assigned to working with agencies have the knowledge and skills that they need to effectively anticipate and manage both the ongoing work and some of the situations that can arise.