Decision makers need evidence to make informed decisions. Our Presentation Assessments service works in two ways. Firstly to provide assessments on your presentation capabilities at company, functional and individual people levels. Secondly to provide evidence for use in your presentations.

Hargreaves Marketing provides a wide range of professional grade tools and templates for benchmark assessments along with one-to-one consultancy and coaching.

Sourced from the top suppliers of strategic and operational tools and templates, we have 28 assessments to help you see where you are strong and where you can improve.

  1. Bid No Bid Assessment 
  2. Customer Experience Assessment
  3. Change Management Assessment
  4. Content Marketing Assessment
  5. Core Competencies Assessment
  6. CRM Assessment
  7. Customer Engagement Assessment
  8. Demand Generation Assessment
  9. Event Marketing Assessment
  10. Lead Generation Assessment
  11. Market Research Capabilities Assessment
  12. Media Relations & PR Audit
  13. Mobile Application Assessment 
  14. Mobile Marketing Assessment 
  15. Online Community Assessment
  16. Partnership Marketing Assessment
  17. Product Development Assessment
  18. Project Management Assessment
  19. Sales & Marketing Alignment
  20. Sales Enablement Assessment
  21. Sales Operations Assessment
  22. Sales Recruiting Assessment 
  23. Sales Skills Assessment
  24. Sales Training Assessment
  25. SEO Assessment
  26. Social Media Assessment
  27. Video Marketing Assessment
  28. Webinar Program Assessment