Build a strategic powerhouse

” To be able to have the debates and challenges that can lead to good decision making, it is often good to have some tension. But there are companies and organisations, where there is way too much unnecessary tension, conflict, and duplication.

This can be both unproductive and physically draining for everyone involved and that’s the opposite of what in my opinion good productive companies should be all about.

In contrast, I have seen places of work where most everybody is on the same page, all pulling in the right direction and they are vibrant and exciting places to be.

Some people think cases like that are made up, not real, just stories with over-used metaphors, but the truth is that it is achievable. I’ve both worked in such places and I’ve made my contribution to help make them so, more than once.

It might be a stretch to turn a whole company, or even a large department around in a short time, but in fairness that’s not how it is generally done. It’s about finding a group of the right kind of people. Working with them. Showing it can be done. Then others follow. I’ve done it in different companies and in different industries at different points in my career from my 20’s through to recent times. It’s achievable with the right mindset, determination and ongoing support.”

Adrian Hargreaves. MD Hargreaves Marketing Ltd