CPD: Continual Professional Development

Develop your CPD capabilities at both functional and people levels


Sales and marketing offices tend to be vibrant places to work with enthusiastic and energetic people. Great as that may be, in the rush to do more business we sometimes forget to invest in ourselves and our people. Whilst “improvement plans” and “performance management” both have negative connotations, “people development” programs are seen in a far more positive light. They provide structure, offer hope and perhaps even expectation in return for ongoing commitment and measured accomplishments. In my experience, highly-driven career-focused people not only like continuous professional development (CPD), they expect it. If your company does not provide it then they may seek their own development perhaps elsewhere. Hargreaves Marketing can provide consultancy and coaching to provide a structured CPD framework, create relevant and valuable activities, and manage CPD projects.


Continuous professional development (CPD) programs need to move forward so that people can quickly gain from the experience and apply what they have learnt in the commercial environment. However, the people on CPD programs will undoubtedly have many other demands on their time. Without some level of project management, the CPD program may get pushed behind other priorities. Hargreaves Marketing coaching can help by keeping in regular contact with the people on CPD and providing guidance and support.