Functional Capabilities

Build the right environment for your people to perform productively by developing the functional capabilities of your sales and marketing operations

Functional Capabilities in Marketing

Marketing people tend to perform far better when they are working in the right environment, on the right projects, with the right colleagues and the right support. However, very often there is a significant gap between what is the desired situation and what is the reality. Hargreaves Marketing can provide various types of support including consultancy, specialist services and coaching to build the functional capabilities of your marketing operation.

Functional Capabilities in Sales

Sales role are often challenging roles and salespeople can sometimes feel that they are on an emotional rollercoaster, up what minute and down the next. Salespeople feel pressure both from clients and their own managers, and if there is an actual or perceived lack of support, this can negatively affect performance. Hargreaves Marketing understand this. Director Adrian Hargreaves spent decades working in pressurised sales, marketing and key account management roles. The result is that we have developed a wide range of support services you can use to build the capabilities of your sales function so that you can effectively support your salespeople at both technical and mindset levels.