Practice Communicating Strategy

Practical Support To Help You Articulate Strategy Well

Our specialist consultancy, coaching and agency services will enable you and your colleagues to practice communicating strategy well verbally, visually and in writing, so that together you can develop your strategic capabilities for improved:

  • Strategic Reviews
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Strategy Planning
  • Strategy Implementation
  • Strategy Execution

Always be ready

Business conditions can change quickly and that can create unexpected challenges and opportunities, so it’s good practice to be able and ready to articulate your business ideas, recommendations, strategies, status updates and key messages well when it matters most. This means being adept at communicating business information clearly and concisely, verbally, visually and in writing, at both planned boardroom and business event type meetings, and also at those more random and spontaneous (don’t underestimate these very important) ‘elevator’ and ‘water cooler’ moments.

How to always be ready

We work with you so that you are well informed and prepared to communicate well, when you need to most. That means helping you to have both a clear understanding of your various strategies and the capability to articulate your messages clearly and concisely verbally, visually and in writing. To achieve this, we focus on three core areas:

  • Critical thinking
  • Reporting
  • Presenting

Critical Thinking

Identify, Understand & Articulate

When business and market conditions are continually changing critical thinking is an essential capability. You need to be able to identify, understand and prioritise the key issues. We can help you to develop and apply these skills on an ongoing basis.


Be Insightful, Clear & Concise

Business executives have little time and therefore need to be able to understand complex business information easily so they can make informed decisions. That means long wordy reports are often ignored in favour of well thought-through and prepared, clear and concise, shorter form documents, that can be quickly read and understood. We can help you to produce clear and concise reports.



Executive time is premium time. You often don’t get very long and so you have to make every minute count. Advanced presentation methods and skills are required. We can provide you the support you need to you can be ready and well prepared to present face-to-face or virtually and provide bespoke clear and concise information that has been designed to be shared, read and understood even when you or your colleagues are not present.

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