Enabling Productive Business Conversations

Reach and engage with buyers and internal stakeholders even when you can’t always be in the same room

Specialist digital marketing content for presentations, leave-behinds, meeting briefs and white papers

The Rules of The Game Have Changed

More people working from home means less time in the office. Less time in the office means that it is harder to arrange face-to-face meetings with people. It is especially difficult to get multiple decision-makers around the same table at the same time. The rules of the game have changed and we need to turn this situation into an advantage by finding better ways of communicating and sharing valuable information with each other.

Build Business Through Productive Conversation

Productive conversations drive business. That is because a productive conversation is a two-way communication. It isn’t one person telling another person what to do. It is two or more people discussing a topic with a purpose. Challenging each other’s views.  Working things out. Taking some time out. Rejoining the conversation after having time to think. Adding new insight and perspective. Then, finally, reaching a consensus.

Making It Happen

Productive business conversations don’t just happen. They need to be facilitated, supported and practised continually.

Drive Your Results

Hargreaves Conversation Drivers are carefully planned and curated digital documents used either to support specific meetings or as a replacement for specific meetings. They are designed to both start productive business conversations and drive momentum so that you can reach your goals faster even if you can’t be in the same room joining in every conversation.

You can use Hargreaves Conversation Drivers to engage with both external and internal stakeholders.

Applications include prospecting for new business, building relationships with existing accounts, strategy and training workshops, sales and marketing conferences and more.

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