Recruitment message development

Nail your recruitment message

Attract high quality candidates

Whether you are a small business or a large business, or whether you operate from a shiny new business park, or run an engineering company in a back street, or if you are an industrial process plant, we can develop recruitment messages for use in recruitment campaigns which sell the value of your organisation to attract high quality candidates for important roles within your company.

What is a recruitment message?

Recruitment messaging relates to all the written and spoken communications which you, as a company, put out to people who are potentially interested in working for your organisation, or referring other people to work for you.

Why is recruitment messaging important?

Good recruitment messaging helps you to sell the value of working for your organisation. If you want to attract people who can have a positive impact the more you can do to communicate the value you have to offer the better.

Application of recruitment messaging

In recruitment you either have a ‘live job’, a vacancy, a job that needs filling, or you don’t. In most companies the main focus on recruitment is when there are vacancies. However, recruitment messaging works slightly differently. In addition to being important to help fill live jobs, it is also massively important to sell the value of working for your organisation whether there are vacancies or not.