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Sales enablement is all about revenue generation. It is achieved through sales and marketing alignment and requires people who are suitable knowledgeable, skilled and motivated, whether that be for sales enablement roles specifically, or marketing and sales roles in companies that are practicing sales enablement.

Hargreaves Sales Enablement Recruitment

How we are different
We work on an exclusive basis
We get to know you, your company, your goals, your growth plans
We understand your vision for sales enablement in your organization, and your commitment to the role, and further training, and development for the successful candidate.
We promote your brand (not ours). Your logo goes on the advert.
We write recruitment advertising which resonates with career-focused, high-quality candidates, that want to make an impact.
We enthusiastically sell both the role and your company’s plans to candidates.
We interview candidates using web meeting technology which dramatically speeds up the recruitment process.
We create and implement tasks for candidates which will showcase their suitability for the role as well as provide an insight into their personality. You are then able to make an informed judgment on whether you feel the candidate will be a good fit, rather than just relying on a CV and written notes.
For some clients we create and implement an on-boarding plan to help organise the first weeks, and help the candidate get off to a great start, and we also offer continual professional development programmes to help the successful candidate integrate, learn, and get up-to-speed faster.

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