SMART Slides

SMART Slides from Hargreaves Marketing are one page informative slides designed to aid decision making when there is no presenter to answer questions.

SMART Slides Applications

External communication products to increase your sales proposal conversion rates

Buyers need helpful information so they can make decisions

Unfortunately, many ‘leave behind ‘ presentations and follow up emails can often suffer from being too generic and that doesn’t help buyers when they are trying to make decisions.

A lack of good communication slows the sales cycle. 

Your SMART Slides will help you to build relationships with the buying team by providing them with the specific information they need to make important decisions.

What we do is turn slide packs and other sales and marketing information into bespoke information documents that explain, present and guide the buyer or buying team through the process.

Because buying decisions are often made in consensus with multiple people involved, often in different geographical locations, our documents are designed to be shared and passed around.

This helps to enable discussion, builds momentum and provides a way that sellers can influence the sale in a way that buyers appreciate and respond to because they find the information helpful.