“For every problem, there’s an opportunity”

If you’re experiencing problems in trying to run an effective sales operation and increasing your sales revenues, then your solutions will often be found by focusing on three key elements: people, processes and technology.


Do you have the right salespeople? If so, are you giving them the support they need with the right training, tools, technologies, within a supportive culture and environment?

Common Problems

  • Performance
  • Behavioural
  • Habits
  • Change
  • Silos
  • Fear
  • Lack of development
  • Lack of opportunity
  • Cultural fit
  • Culture
  • Politics


Do you have sales processes that make it easy for your salespeople to sell and your customers to buy? Or alternatively, are your salespeople constantly having to deal with customer complaints and internal problems beyond their control?

Common Problems

  • Lack of systems and processes
  • Adoption of systems
  • Inefficient systems
  • Poor alignment between functions (e.g. sales and marketing)


Do you support your salespeople with modern cloud based sales technology so that customer data and information can be accessed by their smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC, or are your sales records held on spreadsheets or people’s heads?

Common Problems

  • Missing out on necessary technology
  • Still using manual/paper based systems
  • Relying only on local PC/servers
  • Fear of lack of technology adoption by employees
  • Lack of understanding of technology needs and suitable solutions
  • Existing technology ‘over promised, but under delivering’

What is preventing you selling more?

Often, many reasons can be found by simple observations and an audit. Do you have a recent and accurate assessment of your sales operations and activities? Do you know for sure where you are strong and where you could improve?

Common Problems

  • Lack of accurate awareness of the current state of sales operations
  • No recent benchmark audit
  • No previous audits to compare
  • No plan to improve
  • Plan exists but based on ‘hunch’ rather than fact.

We believe that for every problem, there’s an opportunity

Problems are good. They provide the need for us to change what we are doing so we can get a better improved result. Understanding our customers’ problems provides us with their need to buy.


How great would it be if your best accounts, your best increase orders, your best new business customers, your best employees, could all originate from problems and situations, that at the time appear insurmountable.

With the right approach this is not only possible but likely. Objections and problems provide us with the opportunity to respond. Then it is down to us what we do.

Which of the following are making you lose sleep at night?

  • Angry customers
  • Apathetic customers
  • Sceptical customers
  • Low conversion rates
  • Poor customer experience
  • Low morale
  • Poor alignment between different business functions
  • Risk of critical knowledge loss
  • Your best salesperson want to leave
  • Your up and coming salesperson will probably leave soon
  • Poor staff retention
  • Poor customer retention
  • Under-performing key accounts

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