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Helping You To Understand and Deliver Strategy Well

The ultimate objective is to be able to deliver strategy, so we use proven strategy methods which are both easier to understand and implement

Strategic management is often seen as for the larger companies often working in association with the top strategy consultancies. The work is perceived as overly complex for small-medium-sized (SME) businesses, so over recent years different models have been created for use by SME’s. Unfortunately, the result of that is that leaders of SME companies are often served up such a diluted and misleading version of strategy that it is at times worse than not having done anything at all. That is if a business thinks that it is doing strategy when in fact it is not, then complacency can set in. Things just carry on as normal. Ignoring repeated warning signals the business sails on oblivious to the dangerous storm ahead.

The reality is that the basic strategy frameworks that some of the world’s most successful companies use are just as suitable for SME’s. The issue is not the framework or method, but appreciating that strategy is an ongoing process, rather than a half an hour exercise of which the output is a meaningless wall chart, or a short course after which there is no action.

  • Business changes continually, so strategy has to be an ongoing process
  • Our strategy training with clients therefore needs to be an ongoing process
  • Strategy training enables leaders, managers and all employees to understand and deliver strategy well

All our training services are provided using web meeting technology which importantly includes screen sharing. All you need is an internet connection, a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile with a camera and microphone.

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