Support for Business Consultants

Hargreaves Marketing offers added-value support for business consultants so you can maximise your time with clients and move projects to completion faster

Business consultancy work can be demanding. Not only do you need to understand problems, create solutions and manage the account, you also need to produce a variety of work that can be complex and time consuming.

We all have our strengths, and sometimes projects require us to provide services that fall slightly outside of our capabilities capacities and interests. In these situations it can often make more sense to outsource certain types of work whilst still maintaining full control of your account.

Practical Support

Hargreaves Marketing offers practical support for business consultants including:

  • As a sounding-board to run your ideas
  • Providing consultancy-grade tools and templates
  • Coaching on how to use specific methods and support materials
  • Business presentation story, design and delivery
  • Operational (sales, marketing, strategy) playbooks and microsites

Work conducted in strict business confidence and if required as a ‘white label’ service.

I’m Adrian Hargreaves, the owner of Hargreaves Marketing Ltd.

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