TalkMarkets is a service from Hargreaves Marketing Ltd to enable you to speak with authority and purpose on your industry and markets.

Three major benefits…

  1. You develop a more thorough understanding of your industry and markets and how you add value to your customers.
  2. You add to your skills to enable you to communicate your industry knowledge well.
  3. You have a clear action plan to help you to apply your knowledge within your business.

Four situations where you can benefit…

1. You need to explain what is going on in your markets

TalkMarkets enables you to prepare for major events and interviews where you will need to be able to explain the changes in your market place.

2. You need to make changes

TalkMarkets enables you to justify and develop a more relevant response to market changes.

3. You need to communicate change verbally

TalkMarkets enables you to develop the content, knowledge and skills to communicate change to those affected by it.

How it works

TalkMarkets is a one-to-one, three-stage, remote consultancy, and training service available by telephone, mobile phone, or web meeting technology. This service is for internal training use only.

One-To-One Consultancy and Training

You work on a one-to-one basis with Adrian Hargreaves, Managing Director of Hargreaves Marketing Ltd. Our discussions are confidential. You can choose whether or not for us to record your live interviews. If you wish to do so, your interview recordings (MP3’s) are stored and shared using secure technology.

What challenges are you working on?

Contact Adrian Hargreaves for a free initial chat with no obligation.