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[st_client st_template=”layout2″ title=”Ashley Bradburn, Partwell Group” position=”Managing Director” description=”“Adrian has worked on multiple and varied marketing, sales and training projects across our two companies within the Partwell Group since 2014. He is creative in his marketing, effective in planning, has introduced new technologies and has been great at collaborating with our team and where required, facilitating group meetings”.
” image=”601″]
[st_client st_template=”layout2″ title=”John Burdett, Leyland Rubber Components Ltd” position=”Managing Director” description=”Adrian delivers highly effective recruitment campaigns.” image=”621″]
[st_client st_template=”layout3″ title=”Steven Lewis, Apex Engineers ” position=”Managing Director ” description=”“Marketing is constantly changing and Adrian is able to provide a crucial understanding of those changes. He has helped us migrate from traditional marketing to embrace more sophisticated sales and marketing methods required of the internet age.“” image=”641″][st_client st_template=”layout3″ title=”Jeanette Armitage, BMS Accrington Ltd” position=”Manager” description=”“Without a doubt, in 35 years of business using Adrian and his company has been the best use of our company resources. Adrian’s ability to identify our company’s strengths and the opportunities we have been missing has been invaluable.“” image=”640″]
[st_client st_template=”layout3″ title=”Christine Butenuth, First Steps” position=”Director ” description=”We have used Adrian’s services and found them most helpful in focusing for us key elements of our services and products which deserve our attention at the expense of other activities. Adrian is an easy person to work with, takes time to get onto your wavelength and does his homework so as to be informed how best to help at this stage in the development of your company.” image=”441″][st_client st_template=”layout3″ title=”Pauline Holloway ” position=”Director” description=”“Many thanks to Adrian for the video which he put together for our website, it was a very smooth process and adds another dimension to the information we put out there”.” image=”642″]
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