Value Proposition Services

Hargreaves Values & Value Proposition Services help your prospects, customers, employees, investors and other stakeholders appreciate the value your business has to offer them, so you develop a stronger and more resilient business.

“Value Appreciated”

The value we offer must be appreciated by our stakeholders*

*employees, customers and prospects, investors, suppliers, and others

When the value is appreciated, we:

  • Retain our best employees who engage and contribute more

  • Secure and grow our key accounts

  • Sell more new business

  • Find that suppliers offer their own value-added support

  • Attract investment

  • Have exit options

Innovative, practical, dynamic and modular

The Hargreaves 3-Phase Project Management Process

Phase One

Value Proposition Development

Research, writing and planning

Phase Two

Value Proposition Communication

Internal and external communication 

Phase Three

Value Proposition Execution

Proactively maximising opportunities

Innovative, practical, dynamic and modular

Proactive, Dynamic & Modular


With the right approach, many problems can be anticipated and prevented. Equally, many growth opportunities can be identified and developed.


Pace, drive, energy and ideas create excitement, build momentum and bring opportunities to a successful conclusion faster.


Every business is different. Some companies have things in place which others do not. Hargreaves Value Proposition Services is made up of three core phases, and each core phase is supported by a number of ‘mini-modules.’

The advantage of this system is that you only pay for what you need, so you are able to focus your investment where it will count the most.

Innovative, practical, dynamic and modular