Verbalization Presentation Prep, is a specialist one-to-one service from Hargreaves Marketing Ltd to help you as you practice out loud your presentation.

One-to-one Verbalization

Three major benefits…

  1. Practice gets done
  2. Realistic 
  3. Listen to the recording 

Three situations where you can benefit…

1. You need to bounce your presentation off somebody else

Verbalization enables you to get honest feedback and constructive comment in time for you to make adjustments to your presentation.

2. You need to develop confidence

Practicing out loud with someone else helps you to come out of the comfort zone and address head-on any confidence issues.

3. You need to improve at presenting verbally

Verbalization enables you to appreciate the technical side of presenting, so you are aware of where you are strong and which areas you may need to work on so that you are ready, prepared and confident.

How it works

Verbalization is a one-to-one, three-stage, remote consultancy, and training service available by telephone, mobile phone, or web meeting technology. This service is for internal training use only.

One-To-One Consultancy and Training

You work on a one-to-one basis with Adrian Hargreaves, Managing Director of Hargreaves Marketing Ltd. Our discussions are confidential. You can choose whether or not for us to record your live presentation rehearsals. If you wish to do so, your interview recordings (MP3’s) are stored and shared using secure technology.

Ready to Verbalize?

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