3 Reasons Why You Should Articulate Strategy Well

1. Better Decision Making


Better meetings are those where people can contribute, discuss and debate ideas. That all leads to more informed and evidence-based decision making which is essential for good strategy.”

Adrian Hargreaves. MD Hargreaves Marketing Ltd

2. Competitive Advantage


“The ultimate purpose of strategy is to gain a competitive advantage, whether that is to grow market share, or simply survive in a competitive market. Without the change there is no competitive advantage and therefore perhaps no growth or even no company. So it is important to explain strategy in ways that people firstly understand the need for it, secondly want to get on board with it, and thirdly, and most importantly, choose to take action to support it.”

Adrian Hargreaves. MD Hargreaves Marketing Ltd

3. Develop People

“By bringing more people into a process where they get used to talking about strategy and acting strategically, you are creating the environment for people to thrive. So here we are talking about three groups of people. Firstly those talented rising stars you have who want to break into management but need a project they can get involved in where they can prove themselves and get noticed. Secondly ambitious managers who want to reach the top but also know that they need to become and be seen to be more strategic. They to need a project they can be seen to contribute to. And finally leaders whose role now demands that they invest more time and effort engaging with key stakeholders at different types of meetings, events and business media interviews. They are looking to get an impartial outsiders view, specialist support which is not available inhouse, and one-to-one coaching.”

Adrian Hargreaves. MD Hargreaves Marketing Ltd

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