Your Business

As a business owner, you will be constantly seeking ways to improve the performance of your business so you can achieve your goals. As a marketing manager, your focus may well be on both delivering and proving the high quality of your marketing support, developing the marketing function and your marketing people. As a sales manager, your focus may well be on achieving and exceeding challenging targets whilst similarly developing your sales function and salespeople.

For some businesses, improved performance is driven through a capability strategy. That is a focus on developing advanced capabilities at both people and organisational levels. This way, people can do what is asked of them and the organisation itself is set up in every respect to pursue specific strategic objectives and deliver results.

Hargreaves Marketing is about enabling the capabilities required to turn your business problems into opportunities that will give you strategic competitive advantages.

Your perspective…

The way we see a specific business problem can vary depending on our own individual perspectives. What is a problem to a sales or marketing manager, may be of little direct interest to a business owner. I have tried to organise my website with this in mind. Whilst the ultimate aim is to bring people, ideas and activities together, initially what is required is to understand what is important to you individually depending on your role and objectives. By clicking on the relevant button, you can save time by finding more easily the information that is most relevant to you.

Your primary responsibility is?