By Adrian Hargreaves

I help you to explain your strategic thinking and strategy performance clearly and concisely.

Verbally, visually and in writing…

Background is owned by Hargreaves Marketing Ltd and was previously developed as a standalone website. I wanted to make significant changes to our range of services for clients seeking help with strategy.While this work is being done, the domain is being directed to our main site, the site you are currently on which is

The Purpose of is for leaders, business owners and managers with a responsibility for strategic thinking and strategy planning, implementation, execution, evaluation and communication. Our purpose is to help you to explain your ideas, plans, challenges and performance to key stakeholders when you need to most. Such situations may include informal conversations over a coffee or by the water cooler, to important select meetings such as boardroom presentations and key meetings and events where many people may be present.

What to Expect provides specialist consultancy, services and coaching to help you to explain your strategic thinking, plans and activities clearly and concisely in writing, verbally and visually. Everything is designed to be practical so that you can use it to keep your key stakeholders informed and engaged.

All client work is done by myself, Adrian Hargreaves. I am a sales, marketing and communications professional with a passion for all things strategy and strategic. I have 40 years commercial experience including running a business since 2012.

I offer to work with clients throughout the UK remotely via web meetings. I also offer a face-to-face meeting service for clients in the North West of England.

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