Our purpose at Hargreaves Marketing Ltd is to build capabilities at a functional level and develop people. I believe that the best way to achieve that is through a practical communications-based approach. With clients, we use video and audio to build communication capabilities and develop communication skills, for example when preparing for interviews and presentations. We also do short videos for our own use, but we do not provide clients with a video production service for external use (website/social media).

Adrian Hargreaves

The Sales Enablement Mini-Webinar Series


  • Educational
  • Just 5-9 Minutes Each
  • Relevant sales & marketing topics
  • Expert guest speakers
  • Produced by Adrian Hargreaves


At the time I was frustrated with the amount of resources and time that it took produce a webinar. Whilst they have great lead capture benefits, not everyone has 60 minutes to spare, so I decided to make what I called ‘Mini-Webinars’ that would last just 5-9 minutes. I felt that amount of time was long enough for guests to get their message over and most people who are really interested would be able to find that amount of time. As you will see, they are not high production, they were never intended to be. I was more interested in them being short and clear to the point, helpful to the audience and an exercise in brevity and articulation for the speakers.

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