When do you need to articulate strategy well?

Adrian Hargreaves
  • Looking ahead…
    • What are you thinking?
    • How are you feeling?

Are you:

  • Nervous and wishing the meeting wasn’t taking place?
  • Really looking forward to it, albeit with some natural apprehension?

Many presentation experts often say that it’s good to have some nerves before a big meeting to perform well. However, there is a big difference between feeling that way and feeling unprepared, very low or at worst paralysed with fear. That will not help you, your business, or your career.

What I can tell you from personal experience is that however good you are you can always get even better and however bad you think you are you can, with both effort and the right approach, improve dramatically.

Wherever you think you are in terms of capabilities and preparation, I am here to help.

Whilst your situation is unique, I will have been in similar situations in the past. I have also experienced the full range of feelings. When doing my first presentations, I did initially perform very poorly. I certainly was not a born presenter, but then I received much needed training, advice and encouragement and I improved.

I went from fearing presentations to actually looking for opportunities to do them. As a result, I was able to take on more responsibility, move to better jobs, perform under more pressure and progressively build a career to Premier Account Director level with a renowned UK based sales organisation.

Good companies invest heavily in training which I benefited from. Of course, I still had to apply what I had learnt, and my sales roles gave me ample opportunities to practice.

Practice and desire to improve are essential. I would take every opportunity to present for example at company conferences and workshops, often when others refused to do so due to fear or risk.

I have as one former boss put it, “a thirst for knowledge” and continually study both strategy and business presentations deeply. As a result, I have over the years, built an extensive and still growing range of high-quality professional consultancy-grade resources including books, tools and templates which, I refer to on a daily basis and with every project.

It is through this combination of purpose, experience, carefully tailored services and backup resources that I believe that I can offer great value through my specialist consultancy, services and one-to-one coaching.

Adrian Hargreaves

Business Owner of Hargreaves Marketing Ltd

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