One Page Strategy Reports & Presentations

Develop strategic clarity, then articulate it well… when you need to most

Hargreaves Marketing One Page Strategy Reports and Presentations services help you to always be ready to articulate your strategy well, when you need to most.

Build the strategic capabilities you need to execute your key strategies

Hargreaves Marketing is a strategic capabilities company based in Blackburn, Lancashire. Founded in 2012, we offer to serve companies throughout the UK.

Our purpose is to help you and your people to be more strategic at every level both within your organisation and when working with external stakeholders, so that you can review, develop, communicate and execute your strategies.

Our methodology is designed to enable strategic clarity through clear and concise communications with key stakeholders.

Our process is to document your various strategies (for example, business, marketing, sales, competitive and supplier strategies), align them, and then prepare you to articulate your strategy well using advanced presentation skills and short form written, verbal and visual reports and presentations.

Sometimes we will be planning for events some weeks or months ahead. Other times we will be working together to update progress. On other occasions we will be responding to help you to deal with situations that have come out of the blue.

Our services enable you to, “always be ready to articulate your strategy well.”

Always be ready to articulate your strategy well

Business conditions can change quickly and that can create unexpected challenges and opportunities, so it’s good practice to be able and ready to articulate your strategy well both at short notice and at planned events. 

Gain key insights to help leaders make better decisions

Having a disciplined approach to strategy work will help you to collect the up-to-date information you need to check both business and market conditions and also that your strategies are working, so leaders know if they need to make some adjustments.

Present complex information clearly and concisely to decision makers

Business executives have little time and therefore need to be able to understand complex business information easily so they can make informed decisions. That means long wordy reports are often ignored in favour of well thought-through and prepared, clear and concise, shorter form documents, that can be quickly read and understood.

How we can help

One Page

Every one of your strategies is different so every One Page Strategy Report & Presentation that we produce is different

  • Basic: simple and low cost for day-to-day internal use
  • Customised: bespoke design and deeper content for meetings with key stakeholders 
  • Boardroom: classic consultancy style for boardroom business presentations 

One Page + Support

Each of your challenges is different, so every One Page + support package that we recommend and produce is different  

  • Consultancy: guidance on content
  • Coaching: presentation skills 
  • Agency: production of reports and presentations 

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